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One on One Consulting

In the fast-paced tech industry, the pressure to secure top talent is relentless. Yet, many small to mid-size tech companies struggle with hiring the right people and managing HR effectively.​

Our comprehensive HR Consulting Services, specifically designed to empower tech companies like yours. We blend expertise, innovation, and a deep understanding of the tech landscape to deliver unparalleled results.


Business Growth Strategies

Transform your business with proven growth strategies that propel you towards success. Our expert team specializes in crafting tailored strategies that leverage your strengths, capitalize on opportunities, and navigate challenges with confidence.


We're committed to driving measurable results and sustainable growth for your business. Let's collaborate to unlock new possibilities and achieve your business growth goals together.



With over 15 years of experience in Human Resources and Talent Management within Fortune 500 companies, federal government, and the tech industry, Sherika Ekpo is a community builder, motivational speaker, and architect of the S.E.E. Movement which focuses on inclusive leadership strategy, diverse team creation and the empowerment of women to discover, expand and achieve their career goals.


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