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Sherika Ekpo

Game-Changing Culture Speaker

Sherika Ekpo is a trusted authority in cultivating transformational workplace cultures that foster connection across five generations of employees, a matter of increasing significance. With her focus on CULTURE REMIX, she guides organizations in designing connected workplaces that prioritize clarity and impact. Sherika delves into the crucial elements of the Culture Code, revealing a practical approach to establish an impactful organizational.


Her expertise extends to the realms of Culture, Leadership and Organizational Development, and the holistic care of employees through a comprehensive Employee Experience. Sherika addresses the challenge of managing intergenerational differences in the modern workplace, emphasizing the need for tailored management approaches for each of the five generations. She explores the intricate design of systems and processes that effectively accommodate diverse demographics.


Highlighting the belief that each individual's unique talents significantly contribute to the company culture, Sherika Ekpo presents a compelling perspective on the evolving dynamics of workplace transformation and personal leadership. Her insights are not just about adapting to change but actively shaping a culture that resonates with the multifaceted strengths of employees across generations.

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